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タイトル SHINJUKU GUNTODEN 新宿群盗伝 1965-1973【新刊 / New Publication】
著者/作家 渡辺克己
出版社 Akio Nagasawa Publishing
発行年 2013年
基本情報 1冊 限定500部 ハードカバー 布装 310mm x 210mm 日本語 / 英語
状態 新刊 
Title SHINJUKU GUNTODEN Story of the Shinjuku Thieves
Author/Artist Katsumi Watanabe
Publisher Akio Nagasawa Publishing
Year 2013
Details Limited Edition of 500 Copies. Hard cover, Cloth, 310mm x 210mm. Japanese / English.
New Book.
The book contains the photographs of Shinjuku during 1965-1975 by Katsumi Watanabe, who was working as a "strolling photographer" (paid 200 yen for a shot of portrait) in the night downtown. Watanabe toppingly captured people living in underground Shinjuku, such as Yakuza and prostitutes.  He quoted Henry Miller's word in the afterward that Shinjuku is like "The Great Womb."